Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Vol.14/3 (2014) Charlene Tan, Educative Tradition and Islamic Schools in Indonesia (.pdf 264 kB, pp. 47–62).

Vol.14/2 (2014) Ariel M. Sheetrit, The Geography of Identity: ‘Abd al-Rahmān Munīf’s Sīrat madīna: Ammān fī ’l-arba’īnāt (.pdf 436 kB, pp. 27–45).

Vol.14/1 (2014) Ludmila Torlakova, Metaphors of the Arab Spring: Figurative Construals of the Uprisings and Revolutions (.pdf 472 kB, pp. 1–25).

Vol.13/10 (2013) Kasper Mathiesen, Anglo-American ‘Traditional Islam’ and Its Discourse of Orthodoxy (.pdf 471 kB, pp. 191–219).

Vol.13/9 (2013) Waed Athamneh and Caroleen Marji Sayej, Engaging the Authoritarian State: Voices of Protest in Syria (.pdf 527 kB, pp. 169–190).

Vol.13/8 (2013) Alexander Magidow, Competing Pressures in Diglossia: Avoiding Colloquial Elements in Writing Modern Standard Arabic (.pdf 691 kB, pp. 146–168).

Vol.13/7 (2013) Almog Kasher, The Term al-fi’l al-muta’addi bi-harf jarr (lit. “the verb which ‘passes over’ through a preposition”) in Medieval Arabic Grammatical Tradition (.pdf 608 kB, pp. 115–145).

Vol. 13/6 (2013) Bruno Herin, Do Jordanians really speak like Palestinians? (.pdf 390 kB, pp. 99–114).

Vol. 13/5 (2013) Arin Salamah-Qudsi, Heart’s Life With God: al-Ma’rifa bi-llâh (Knowledge of God) in al-Qushayrî’s al-Risâla al-Qushayriyya (.pdf 479 kB, pp. 76–98).

Vol. 13/4 (2013) Sandra S. Campbell, Famous Last Words: The Maqâtil of the Zubayrids in Medieval Islamic Histories (.pdf 585 kB, pp. 58–75).

Vol. 13/3 (2013) Lorenz Mathias Nigst, Highway Luzûmiyyât Revisited: Some Thoughts About Abû ‘l-‘Alâ’ al-Ma’arrî, the Freethinker (.pdf 315 kB, pp. 41–57).

Vol. 13/2 (2013) Dorit Gottesfeld, “Mirrors of Alienation”: West Bank Palestinian Women’s Literature after Oslo (pdf 365 kB, pp. 22–40).

Vol. 13/1 (2013) Farid Hafez, Der Gottesstaat des Esad Bey: Eine Muhammad-Biographie aus der Sicht eines jüdischen Konvertiten zum Islam unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Dimension des Politischen (pdf 422 kB, pp. 1–21).

Vol. 12/9 (2012) Giovanni Canova, Libri e artigiani del libro: le raccomandazioni dei giuristi musulmani (.pdf kB, pp. 235–263).

Vol. 12/8 (2012) Konrad Hirschler, ‘Catching the eel’ – documentary evidence for concepts of the Arabic book in the Middle Period (.pdf 197 kB, pp. 224–234).

Vol. 12/7 (2012) Letizia Osti, Notes on a private library in fourth/tenth-century Baghdad (.pdf 553 kB, pp. 215–223).

Vol. 12/6 (2012) Monica Balda-Tillier, La prose amoureuse arabo-islamique médiévale, de l’isnad traditionnel aux sources livresques (.pdf 508 kB, pp. 186–214).

Vol. 12/5 (2012) Samuela Pagani, Il libro come maestro: sufismo e storia della lettura nel medioevo islamico (.pdf 496 kB, pp. 144–185).

Vol. 12/4 (2012) Noah Gardiner, Forbidden knowledge? Notes on the production, transmission, and reception of the major works of Ahmad al-Buni (.pdf 786 kB, pp. 81–143).

Vol. 12/3 (2012) Ahmad Nazir Atassi, The transmission of Ibn Sa’d’s biographical dictionary Kitab al-Tabaqat al-kabir (.pdf 487 kB, pp. 56–80).

Vol. 12/2 (2012) Peter Webb, ‘Foreign books’ in Arabic literature: discourses on books, knowledge and ethnicity in the writings of al-Jahiz (.pdf 569 kB, pp. 16–55).

Vol. 12/1 (2012) Antonella Ghersetti, Editor’s introduction: ‘The book in fact and fiction in pre-modern Arabic literature’ (.pdf 206 kB, pp. 1–15).

Vol. 12 (2012): The book in fact and fiction in pre-modern Arabic literature, (eds.) Antonella Ghersetti and Alex Metcalfe (.pdf 4.3 Mb pp. 1–263).

Vol.11/5 (2011) Pavel Pavlovitch, The ‘Ubāda b. al-Sāmit Tradition: at the Crossroads of Methodology (.pdf 971 kB, pp. 137–235).

Vol.11/4 (2011) Andrew Marsham, Public Execution in the Umayyad Period: Early Islamic Punitive Practice and its Late Antique Context (.pdf 311 kB, pp. 101–136).

Vol.11/3 (2011) Jocelyn Sharlet, Tokens of Resentment: Medieval Arabic Narratives about Gift Exchange and Social Conflict (.pdf 266 kB, pp. 62–100).

Vol.11/2 (2011) Gert Borg, Die martiya des A’sā Bāhila auf seinen Halbbruder al-Muntasir. Eine thematische Untersuchung (.pdf 290 kB, pp. 36–61).

Vol.11/1 (2011) Felicitas Opwis, The Role of the Biographer in Constructing Identity and School: al-‘Abbādī and his Kitāb Tabaqāt al-fuqahā‘ al-shāfi’iyya (.pdf 270 kB, pp. 1–35).

Vol. 11 (2011) Click here to access the complete volume. (.pdf 2.3 Mb, pp. 1-235).

Vol.10/6 (2010) Ludmila Torlakova, The Notion Weapon in Arabic Idioms. Characterization of Persons and Objects (.pdf 233 kB, pp. 119-145).

Vol.10/5 (2010) Reem Bassiouney, Redefining identity through code choice in al-Hubb fi ‘l-Manfa by Baha’ Tahir (.pdf 185 kB, pp. 101-118).

Vol.10/4 (2010) Antonella Ghersetti,Like the Wick of the Lamp, Like the Silkworm They Are’. Stupid Schoolteachers in Classical Arabic Literary Sources (.pdf 234 kB, pp. 75-100).

Vol.10/3 (2010) Konrad Hirschler, The ‘Pharaoh’ Anecdote in Pre-Modern Arabic Historiography (.pdf 247 kB, pp. 45-74).

Vol.10/2 (2010) Joseph Alagha, Wilayat al-Faqih and Hizbullah’s Relations with Iran (.pdf 211 kB, pp. 24-44).

Vol.10/1 (2010) Fallou Ngom, Ajami Scripts in the Senegalese Speech Community (.pdf 404 kB, pp. 1-23).

Vol. 10 (2010) Click here to access the complete volume. (.pdf 1.6 Mb, pp. 1-145).

Vol.9/5 (2009) Juan A. Macias Amoretti, Islam and Democracy in Contemporary Moroccan Thought: The Political Readings of ‘Abd al-Salam Yasin and Muhammad ‘Abid al-Jabri (.pdf 229 kB, pp. 109-125). HTML version.

Vol.9/4 (2009) Samira Farwaneh, Towards a Typology of Arabic Dialects: The Role of Final Consonantality (.pdf 255 kB, pp. 82-109). HTML version.

Vol.9/3 (2009) Abdulrazzak Patel, Nahda Epistolography: Al-Shartuni’s al-Shihab and the Western Art of Letter-Writing (.pdf 324 kB, pp. 37-81). HTML version.

Vol.9/2 (2009) Oddbjørn Leirvik, Conscience in Arabic and the Semantic History of Damir (.pdf 205 kB, pp. 18-36). HTML version.

Vol.9/1 (2009) Simon O’Meara, A Legal Aesthetic of Medieval and Pre-Modern Arab-Muslim Architectural Space (.pdf 232 kB, pp. 1-17)

Vol. 9 (2009) Click here to access the complete volume. (.pdf 1.3 Mb, pp. 1-125).

Vol.8/9 (2008) Ludmila Torlakova, The Notion Weapon in Arabic Idioms (.pdf 202 kB, pp. 125-141)

Vol.8/8 (2008) Gunvor Mejdell, What is Happening to Lughatuna ‘l-Gamila? Recent Media Representations and Social Practice in Egypt (.pdf 204 kB, pp. 108-124). HTML version.

Vol.8/7 (2008) Anne Sofie Roald, From Theocracy to Democracy? Towards Secularization and Individualization in the Policy of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan (.pdf 226 kB, pp. 84-107)

Vol.8/6 (2008) Lutz Edzard, Principles Behind the Eighth Revised Edition of Rudolf-Ernst Brünnow’s and August Fischer’s Arabische Chrestomathie aus Prosaschriftstellern: A Tribute to the Scholarly Methods of Michael G. Carter (.pdf 223 kB, pp. 71-83)

Vol.8/5 (2008) Heikki Palva, Sedentary and Bedouin Dialects in Contact: Remarks On Karaki and Salti Dialects (Jordan) (.pdf 224 kB, pp. 53-70). HTML version.

Vol.8/4 (2008) Maria Persson, The Role of the b-prefix in Gulf Arabic Dialects as a Marker of Future, Intent and/or Irrealis (.pdf 211 kB, pp. 26-52). HTML version.

Vol.8/3 (2008) Tetz Rooke, In the Presence of Absence: Mahmoud Darwish’s Testament (.pdf 190 kB, pp. 11-25). HTML version.

Vol.8/2 (2008) Michael G. Carter: A Bibliography (.pdf 179 kB, pp. 1-10). HTML version.

Vol.8/1 (2008) Editors’ Introduction (.pdf 16 kB). HTML version.

Vol.7/5 (2007) Ze’ev Maghen, ‘They Shall Not Draw Nigh’: The Access of Unbelievers to Sacred Space in Islamic And Jewish Law (.pdf 288 kB, pp. 103-31)

Vol.7/4 (2007) Abdessatar Mahfoudhi, The Place of the Etymon and the Phonetic Matrix in the Arabic Mental Lexicon (.pdf 347 kB, pp. 74-102)

Vol.7/3 (2007) Ahmad Atif Ahmad, Al-Ghazali’s Contribution to the Sunni Juristic Discourses on Apostasy (.pdf 244 kB, pp. 50-73)

Vol.7/2 (2007) Stephan Guth, Individuality Lost, Fun Gained: Some Recurrent Motifs in Late Twentieth-Century Arabic and Turkish Novels (.pdf 284 kB, pp. 25-49)

Vol.7/1 (2007) Zoltan Szombathy, Freedom of Expression and Censorship in Medieval Arabic Literature (.pdf 256 kB, pp. 1-24)

Vol.6/4 (2005-6) Peter Marteinson, La Disjonction de la voix narrative et la manipulation de la vraisemblance dans Le Rocher De Tanios d’Amin Maalouf (.pdf 162 kB, pp. 80-94).

Vol.6/3 (2005-6) Ahmed Sokarno Abdel-Hafez, The Development of Future Markers in Arabic and the Nile Nubian Languages (.pdf 169 kB, pp. 64-79). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.6/2 (2005-6) Zev bar-Lev, Arabic Key Consonants (.pdf 328 kB, pp. 24-63).

Vol.6/1 (2005-6) Samer Mahdy Ali, Singing Samarra (861-956): Poetry and the Burgeoning of Historiography upon the Death of al- Mutawakkil (.pdf 215 kB, pp. 1-23). HTML Unicode version

Vol.5/5 (2003-4) Hassan Bashir, Iran and Political Modernisation in the Nineteenth Century: Parliamentarianism, Constitutionalism and Feminism in the Newspaper Sur-i Israfil (.pdf 250 kB, pp. 124-147).

Vol.5/4 (2003-4) Reuven Snir, Modern Arabic Literature and Islamist Discourse: ‘Do Not Be Coolness, Do Not Flutter Safety’ (.pdf 387 kB, pp. 78-123).

Vol.5/3 (2003-4) John Hunwick, ‘I Wish to Be Seen in Our Land Called Afrika’ ‘Umar b. Sayyid’s Appeal to Be Released from Slavery (1819) (.pdf 178 kB pp. 62-77).

Vol.5/2 (2003-4) Tamima Bayhom-Daou, The Second-Century Shi’ite Ghulat: Were They Really Gnostic? (.pdf 356 kB, pp. 13-61). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.5/1 (2003-4) Bayan Rayhanova, Mythological and Folkloric Motifs in Syrian Prose: The Short Stories of Zakariyya Tamir (.pdf 168 kB, pp. 1-12). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.4/5 (2001-2) Leif Ole Manger, Religion, Identities, and Politics: Defining Muslim Discourses in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan (.pdf 178 kB, pp. 132-152). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.4/4 (2001-2) Seyed Hossein Serajzadeh, Islam and Crime: The Moral Community of Muslims (.pdf 199 kB, pp. 111-131). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.4/3 (2001-2) Arno Schmitt, Liwat im Fiqh: Männliche Homosexualität? (.pdf 413 kB, pp. 49-110). There are a number of changes from the earlier version posted, some of which may affect pagination (31.03.05).

Vol.4/2 (2001-2) Carlo De Angelo, Le problematiche socio-giuridiche connesse all’immigrazione islamica in Europa con particolare riguardo alla situazione italiana (.pdf 173 kB, pp. 27-48). HTML Unicode version

Vol.4/1 (2001-2) Ramzi Baalbaki, Ilhaq as a Morphological Tool in Arabic Grammar (.pdf 210 kB, pp. 1-26). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/7 (2000) Agostino Cilardo, Some Peculiarities of the Law of Inheritance: The Formation of Imami and Ismaili Law (.pdf 114 kB, pp. 127-137). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/6 (2000) Agostino Cilardo, Musulmani in Italia: La condizione giuridica delle comunità islamiche, a cura di Silvio Ferrari-Articolo recensione (.pdf 114 kB, pp. 114-126). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/5 (2000) Philip F. Kennedy, Reason and Revelation or a Philosopher’s Squib (The Sixth Maqama of Ibn Naqiya) (.pdf 212 kB, pp. 84-113). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/4 (2000) Ibrahim Taha, The Power of the Title: Why Have You Left the Horse Alone by Mahmud Darwish (.pdf 103 kB, pp. 66-83). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/3 (2000) Lutz Edzard, Sibawayhi’s Observations on Assimilatory Processes and Re-Syllabification in the Light of Optimality Theory (.pdf 136 kB, pp. 48-65). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/2 (2000) Ronald A. Lukens-Bull, Teaching Morality: Javanese Islamic Education in a Globalizing Era (.pdf 126 kB, pp. 26-47). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/1 (2000) James E. Montgomery, Ibn Fadlan and the Rusiyyah (.pdf 210 kB, pp. 1-25). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/5 (1998-9) Erica Sapper Simpson, Islam in Uzbekistan: Why Freedom of Religion Is Fundamental for Peace and Stability in the Region (.pdf 274 kB, pp. 110-50). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/4 (1998-9) Christian Szyska, Desire and Denial: Sacred and Profane Spaces in ‘Abd al-Hamid Jawdat al-Sahhar’s Novel In the Caravan of Time (.pdf 207 kB, pp. 75-109). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/3 (1998-9) Pavel Pavlovitch, Qad kunna la na’budu ‘llaha wa-la na’rifuhu. On the Problem of the Pre-Islamic Lord of the Ka’ba (.pdf 185 kB, pp. 49-74). HTML Unicode version. See COMMENTS/REPLIES on this article.

Vol.2/2 (1998-9) Celia E. Rothenberg, A Review of the Anthropological Literature in English on the Palestinian Hamula and the Status of Women (.pdf 186 kB, pp. 24-48). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/1 (1998-9) Ibrahim Taha, Openness and Closedness: Four Categories of Closurization in Modern Arabic Fiction (.pdf 155 kB, pp. 1-23). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/4 (1996-7) Petra G. Schmidl, Two Early Arabic Sources on the Magnetic Compass (.pdf 342 kB, pp. 81-132). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/3 (1996-7) Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, Ibn Shuhayd and his Risalat al-tawabi’ wa ‘l-zawabi’ (.pdf 140 kB, pp. 65-80 ). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/2 (1996-7) Heinz Grotzfeld, The Age of the Galland Manuscript of the Nights: Numismatic Evidence for Dating a Manuscript? (.pdf, 133 kB, pp. 50-64). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/1 (1996-7) Adrian Gully, The Discourse of Arabic Advertising: Preliminary Investigations (.pdf 425 kB, pp. 1-49). HTML Unicode version

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